The most popular Valley

and Musical Valley of Austria

The Zillertal is the origin and home of famous Tyrolean natural products such as the Zillertal hay milk cheese and the Zillertal "Graukäse" which are produced by the alpine dairies established in the Zillertal. Despite the extreme additional expenses of hay exploitaion the 380 farmers and dairies have decided to retain this form of natural management and to dispense completely with fermenting feed. The processed milk comes from cows that eat only fresh pasture grass, herbs and flowers.


In the Zillertal Valley there is a long tradition of folk music, bands like the Hadelumpen, Schürzenjäger, Zellberg Buam, and many many more are beloved and well known


From early May to late October various folk festivals are celebrated, for example the "Zillertal Gauderfest", which is one of Austria's oldest and largest spring and folklore festivals. In September there is a ceremonial driving down of colourful decorated cattle from the mountain pastures to the home stables called "Almabtrieb". Every year a lot of people come and celebrate this together with the locals and enjoy the culinary treats and the entertainment.

So many things to do! The Zillertal brings you great fun! A hiking- and biking paradise from heaven, the Arena Coaster, Via Ferratas, the Arena Skyliner and many more! 

E-Bike - the new trend. Also here! In the Zillertal you will find many rental companies. You can enjoy your E-Bike tour without worrying because in the valley as well as in the mountains you will a complete network of battery-charge and battery-change stations.

Zillertaler Höhenstraße (Zillertal Alpine Road)

The Zillertaler Höhestrasse  is a mountain road on the foothill of theTuxer Alps, located in the southern part of the Zillertal.

It consists of a mountain road situated high above the bottom of the valley, as well as five different access routes that lead up from the Zillertalstraße to this section. While the average 8-kilometer access roads are toll free,  motor vehicles must pay a fee for the nearly 20-mile main route. Ascents you will find in Ried / Kaltenbach, Zellberg or Hippach/Schwendau.
At the Hirschbichlalm you can enjoy the  beautiful mountain scenery together with homemade apple strudel, coffee or a fine glass of wine. 


The Nature Park Zillertal Alps is located at the back of the Zillertal. It starts nearby Mayrhofen and then splits into ten other side valleys. It covers an area of 379 km². The lowest point near Ginzling, is about 1,000 meters above sea level, the highest point is the peak of Hochfeiler with 3,509 meters. In the Nature-Park region about 80 glaciers are situated. They cover an area of about 40 km². More features of the Nature Park are:

- The heritage-protected Berlinerhütte is a symbol of the origins of alpinism.

- Zemmgrund and Berlinerhütte are since 1891 the location of glacier research.

- Numerous crystal deposits, as Zillertal garnet, amethyst, rock crystal.
- Mountain village Ginzling, cradle of the alpine tourism in the Zillertal.
- Orchid splendour around the village of Brandberg (up to twelve species of orchids)
- Schwarzensteinermoor (Zemmgrund): A cave at 2150 m builded by the glaciers during the ice-age

Some local specialties are Zillertaler Krapfen (a kind of donut) or Schliachta Nudln (noodles with local cheese), milk from the dairy in Mayrhofen. Zillertal Beer is a big favourit among our guests.

Do you want to learn some Zillertal dialect? Vui spaß bein Lesn!!
Do you want to learn some Zillertal dialect? Vui spaß bein Lesn!!