Gerlosstein - Haus Franka, Zellbergeben, Zillertal - © Zillertal Arena

Adventure in paradise Summer vacation in the Zillertal

Come and visit us and experience the Zillertal in all its glory! 

Zell, Gerlos, Königsleiten/Wald, and Krimml - these 4 towns offer a special kind of hiking Eldorado in summer. The network of hiking trails in the Zillertal Arena, which is also known as the Hiking Arena, is no less than 400 km long.

Over hill and dale

There are wonderful hill country hikes in the area of the Rosenalm, Kreuzjoch, Isskogel, and Wilde Krimml, which by the way are still a part of the green grass mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps.  

The side valleys of the Schwarzachtal, Wimmertal, Schönachtal, Wildgerlostal, Krummbachtal, and Krimmler Achental are certainly another special feature. After a 1-hour hike, cozy hill farms and huts await hikers in these valleys.  

These lifts are open for you in summer

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Hiking in the Zillertal